All gatherings are on the second Saturday of each month.

Next Gathering - February 8, 2020

Location - Winfield United Methodist Church

Address - 20 Radwin Dr, Winfield, WV 25213

Sponsors have one of the most important roles to play during the weekend. Summarized below is a list of their responsibilities. Here and at the bottom are links to the Pilgrim Application.

1. Pray
The weekend is surrounded in prayer. As soon as a person agrees to go on the Walk, the sponsor should begin praying that the pilgrim will be receptive to God's working. They should continue to bathe the weekend in prayer, and pray for the pilgrim as they begin their Fourth Day.

2. Collect Letters
Sponsors probably remember the affirmation they felt when they received letters on their weekend. Each pilgrim should have approximately eight letters from close friends and family members. Sponsors should bring the letters to send-off or the Agape Room anytime during the weekend. All letters should be in by Saturday evening. They should mark the letters from family members with a small 'F' in the upper right corner. The Agape team will put these letters on the top of the packet so the pilgrim will get these first. An Agape Letter example may be found by clicking on Write Agape Letter which is located on the left side bar of this page.

3. Arrange Transportation
Sponsors should arrange for the pilgrim to be brought to Rippling Waters, off Haines Br. Rd. exit of I-77 by 7 pm on Thursday of the walk and arrange to take the pilgrim home after the weekend. The weekend will conclude by 7 pm on Sunday. They should inform the pilgrim to eat dinner before arriving on Thursday.

4. Communicate with Your Pilgrim
Sponsors are the main source of information about the Walk to Emmaus for the pilgrim. Sponsors should ask if the pilgrim has any questions going into the weekend. We want pilgrims to be as comfortable as possible during the weekend.

5. Participate in the Weekend
Sponsors should plan to be present for Send-off (7 pm Thursday), Sponsor's Hour (following Send-off, Thursday evening), Candlelight (8 pm Saturday), and Closing (4:30 pm Sunday). All these activities will be held at Rippling Waters. Sponsors may also want to come out and help serve meals.

6. Check in With the Pilgrim's Family
While the pilgrim is away from his daily routine, it is the sponsor's responsibility to fill in any gaps the pilgrim's absence may cause. They should check with the pilgrim's spouse to see if they need anything (childcare, a meal, etc). See if there are any errands that can be done for the pilgrim or his family during the weekend as an act of Agape. The sponsor should also let the pilgrim's family know how to contact them (the sponsor) in case of emergency.

7. Fourth Day Meeting
After the weekend, the sponsor should bring the pilgrim to the Fourth Day meeting. During this meeting, the sponsor will be able to help the pilgrim get involved in a Reunion Group.

8. Gatherings
The sponsor should bring the pilgrim to the first Gathering after the Fourth Day meeting. Dinner starts at 6 pm with worship at 7 pm.

As a sponsor you should continue praying for and assisting your pilgrim throughout the year. As you can see, a sponsor has a long list of responsibilities. Remember, Christ is Counting on You!

Pilgrim Application